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HND in Business (Edexcel)

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Course Overview

The Level 5 Higher National Diploma in Business offers students six specialist pathways designed to support progression into relevant occupational areas or on to degree-level study. These pathways are linked to Professional Body standards (where appropriate) and can provide professional status and progression to direct employment.

The Level 5 Higher National Diploma offers the following specialist pathways for students who wish to concentrate on a particular aspect of business:

● Accounting and Finance

● Business Management

● Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

● Human Resource Management

● Marketing

● Operations Management

There is also a non-specialist ‘General Business’ pathway, which allows students to complete a Level 5 Higher National Diploma without committing to a particular professional specialism. This offers additional flexibility to providers and students.

The qualification is primarily undertaken by work-based students via our online distance learning platform. Our courses have been approved by Edexcel since 2014.

There are no exams. Workbooks produced by the UniCourse team, hosted on our online learning portal, guide you through each of the modules. You submit assignments through your dedicated UniCourse DropBox account. For those who are suitably determined, this course can be completed within a few months. Many of the questions which potential students have about the course are addressed on our FAQ page.

Achieve this Level 5 HND and you can possibly progress to year 3 of a BA(Hons) degree with the Open University. Many campus-based universities will accept this qualification as an entry requirement to year three of their degree programmes (please check with the university you have in mind).



To achieve the HND you need to have already completed a HNC, and then study a further seven units, outlined below. If you have already achieved a HNC then you will choose from fee payment plans 1 to 3 below.

Should you not possess a HNC, but aspire to a HND, you can be immediately registered onto the HND programme, making a significant saving. In this case, you will undertake the HNC units first (please see the HNC page for this programme) and choose from fee payment plans 4 to 6 below.

View the full course and modules specification.

Mandatory Core Units:

U11 Research Project

U12 Organisational Behaviour

Pick 5 of the following Optional Units:

U13 Financial Reporting

U14 Advanced Management Accounting

U15 Financial Management

U16 Operations and Project Management

U17 Understanding and Leading Change

U18 Global Business Environment

U19 Resource and Talent Planning

U20 Employee Relations

U21 Strategic Human Resources Management

U22 Product and Service Development

U23 Integrated Marketing Communications

U24 Digital Marketing

U25 Principles of Operations Management

U26 Supply Chain Management

U27 Identifying Entrepreneurial Opportunities

U28 Launching a New Venture

U29 Managing and Running a Small Business

U30 Taxation

U31 Statistics for Management

U32 Business Strategy

U33 Business Information Technology Systems

U34 Business Systems

U35 Developing Individuals, Teams and Organisations

U36 Human Resources - Value and Contribution to Organisational Success

U37 Consumer Behaviour and Insight

U38 Customer Value Management

U39 Sales Management

U40 International Marketing

U41 Brand Management

U42 Planning for Growth

U43 Tapping into New and International Markets

U44 Pitching Negotiation Skills


Entry Requirements

Candidates will normally possess a HNC in this field. However, mature candidates who do not possess such qualifications, but have experience in the field, can also be accepted onto the course.

If you do not already possess a HNC then you must first study the HNC modules before you can study the HND. Please check with our admissions team.


HND in Business (Edexcel):

If you already possess a HNC in this field then Plans 1 to 3 are applicable to you.

PLAN 1: Buy outright for £1,600 £1,350 inclusive of Edexcel registration fee.

PLAN 2: £360 £310 now plus 4 consecutive monthly payments of £310.
Total: £1,800 £1,550 inclusive
of Edexcel registration fee.

PLAN 3: £210 £185 now plus 9 consecutive monthly payments of £185.
Total: £2,100 £1,850 inclusive
of Edexcel registration fee.

If you do NOT have a HNC then you may pay reduced course fees for the combined HNC and HND using Plans 4 to 6 below.

PLAN 4: Buy outright for £3,000 inclusive of Edexcel registration fee.

PLAN 5: £660 now plus 4 consecutive monthly payments of £660. Total: £3,300 inclusive of Edexcel registration fee.

PLAN 6: £370 now plus 9 consecutive monthly payments of £370. Total: £3,700 inclusive of Edexcel registration fee.

We also accept card payments by telephone for any amount. To make such payments please telephone 0151 236 1982. Thank you.