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HND in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Edexcel)

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Course Overview

The course provides a specialist work-related programme of study that covers the key knowledge, understanding and practical skills required in the electrical and electronic engineering sector, and also offers particular emphasis through the choice of specialist units.

The HND is a nationally recognised qualification offering career progression and professional development for those already in employment, and opportunities to progress into higher education. The qualification is primarily undertaken by work-based students via our online distance learning platform. Our courses have been approved by Edexcel since 2014.

There are no exams. Workbooks produced by the UniCourse team, hosted on our online learning portal, guide you through each of the modules. You submit assignments through your dedicated UniCourse DropBox account. For those who are suitably determined, this course can be completed within a few months. Many of the questions which potential students have about the course are addressed on our FAQ page.

Achieve this Level 5 HND and you can progress onto the final year of a BSc(Hons) degree with the Open University (click here for details). Many campus-based universities will accept this qualification as an entry requirement to year three of their degree programmes (please check with the university you have in mind).

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To achieve the HND you need to complete the four core units and then select twelve optional units. If you possess a HNC then you will have already earned eight units. A minimum of six optional units must be at level 5. There are allowed rules of unit combination, as detailed in the official specification for the course.

Core Units:

1.Analytical Methods for Engineers

2. Engineering Science

5. Electrical and Electronic Principles

3. Project

Level 4 Optional Units:

6. Health, Safety and Risk Assessment in Engineering

7. Business Management Techniques for Engineers

22. Programmable Logic Controllers

57. Mechatronic Systems

58. Microprocessor Systems

63. Electrical Power

64. Electrical and Electronic Measurement and Testing

65. Utilisation of Electrical Energy

68. Applications of Power Electronics

69. Advanced Computer-Aided Design Techniques

71. Combinational and Sequential Logic

112. Computer Programming Techniques

113. Principles and Applications of Microcontrollers

114. Operational Amplifiers

115. Electronic Computer-Aided Design

119. Data Communications and Networks

120. Radio Communication Engineering

37. Management of Projects

55. Instrumentation and Control Principles

Level 5 Optional Units:

8. Engineering Design

39. Electronic Principles

66. Electrical, Electronic and Digital Principles

67. Further Electrical Power

73. Principles of Electronic Product Manufacture

116. Further Electrical Principles

117. Digital and Analogue Devices and Circuits

118. Telecommunication Principles

35. Further Analytical Methods for Engineers

15. Design for Manufacture

40. Knowledge-Based Systems and Techniques

59. Advanced Mathematics for Engineering

27. Personal and Professional Development

29. Work-based Experience

30. Quality Assurance and Management

33. Workplace Study and Ergonomics

36. Statistical Process Control

38. Managing People in Engineering

76. Managing the Work of Individuals and Teams


Entry Requirements

Candidates will normally possess a HNC in this field. However, mature candidates who do not possess such qualifications, but have experience in the field, can also be accepted onto the course.

If you do not already possess a HNC then you must first study the HNC modules before you can study the HND. Please check with our admissions team.


HND in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Edexcel):

If you already possess a HNC in this field then Plans 1 to 4 are applicable to you.

PLAN 1: Buy outright and save £1025 (Total: £3975)

PLAN 2: £856 now plus 4 consecutive monthly payments of £856 (Total: £4280 - saving £720)

PLAN 3: £464 now plus 9 consecutive monthly payments of £464 (Total: £4640 - saving £360)

PLAN 4: £250 now plus 19 consecutive monthly payments of £250 (Total: £5000)

If you do NOT have a HNC then you may pay reduced course fees for the combined HNC and HND using Plans 5 to 8 below.

PLAN 5: Buy outright and save £1985 (Total: £7475)

PLAN 6: £1628 now plus 4 consecutive monthly payments of £1628 (Total: £8140 - saving £1320)

PLAN 7: £880 now plus 9 consecutive monthly payments of £880 (Total: £8800 - saving £660)

PLAN 8: £473 now plus 19 consecutive monthly payments of £473 (Total: £9460)