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ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management

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Course Overview

A completely online distance learning programme, fully approved by the ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management). It is the correct choice if you have some management experience as a team leader or line manager, and will help you rise up the ranks.

There are no formal entry qualifications needed to gain entry onto this course. The Certificate is a medium-scope qualification which covers essential subject areas in detail. You will gain key leadership and management skills to put into practice in your job role, plus an officially recognised level 5 UK qualification. Tutor support is available 7 days a week.

UniCourse is a fully-approved ILM centre, and all teachers on our programmes have Masters degrees and a wealth of experience in their disciplines.




To achieve the L5 Certificate you need to complete a minimum of 13 credits, with a maximum of 6 credits from Group 2. For detailed guidance please refer to the official specification for the course.

Unit choices.

Group 1

1. Managing improvement

2. Making a financial case

3. Developing critical thinking

4. Leading innovation and change

5. Managing individual development

6. Managing stress and conflict in the organisation

7. Understanding the organisational environment

8. Understanding organisational culture and ethics

9. Managing customer relations

10. Managing for efficiency and effectiveness

11. Managing projects in the organisation

12. Managing resources

13. Managing information

14. Managing recruitment

15. Managing work analysis

16. Analysing and interpreting statistics to inform management decisions

17. Understanding the management of facilities

18. Making professional presentations

19. Developing and leading teams to achieve organisational goals and objectives

20. Assessing your own leadership capability and performance

21. Managing own continuing professional development (Certificate and Diploma only)

22. Becoming an effective leader

23. Preparing to Apply Lean Production and Improvement Methodologies to Operational Problems in Service Delivery

24. Applying Lean Production and Improvement Methodologies to Operational Problems in Service Delivery (Certificate and Diploma only)

25. Improving and Maintaining the Organisation’s Environmental Performance

26. Managing Remote Workers

27. Partnership Working

28. Understanding Governance of Organisations

29. Knowledge and Information Management

30. Understanding the Skills, Principles and Practice of Effective Management Coaching and Mentoring

31. Improving Own Leadership Performance Through Action Learning (Diploma only)

32. Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

Group 2

1. Understanding the management role to improve management performance

2. Planning and leading a complex team activity

3. Managing equality and diversity in own area

4. Managing risk in the workplace

5. Delegating authority in the workplace

6. Developing people in the workplace

7. Understanding the organisational environment

8. Understanding financial management

9. Management communication

10. Managing personal development (Diploma only)

11. Managing the analysis of secondary data

12. Managing a healthy and safe environment

13. Managing meetings

14. Managing marketing activities

15. Data collection and analysis to justify management decision making

16. Motivating people in the workplace

17. Solving problems by making effective decisions in the workplace

18. Managing and implementing change in the workplace

19. Understanding the organisational culture and context

20. Understanding work in contemporary society

21. Budgetary planning and control

22. Interpreting financial statements to assess organisational performance using financial ratios

23. Understanding the importance of marketing for an organisation

24. Using quantitative methods to solve management problems

25. Understanding the economics of the marketplace

26. Developing individual mental toughness

27. Understanding the macro economic environment (Diploma only)

28. Developing a culture to support innovation and improvement

29. Managing operations research


Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry qualifications needed to gain entry onto this course.
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ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management:

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We also accept card payments by telephone for any amount. To make such payments please telephone 0151 236 1982. Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE: All learners must pay outstanding fees before the qualification can be awarded.