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#01 Why choose online distance learning rather than a campus-based course?

Studying with UniCourse offers a cheaper, more flexible way to gain your qualifications and land that job or promotion. With a 365-day enrolment programme, we let you study at your own pace, to fit your lifestyle, as well as offering online and one-to-one learning opportunities. Our tutors are available from 8am - 7.30pm seven days a week, making our online learning programme more personal and accessible to you.

#02 Which programmes are offered at UniCourse?

#03 Does UniCourse issue officially recognised diplomas?

Yes. We are a fully-approved Edexcel and ILM centre, and have been operating since 2014. The qualification you receive is the same one you would receive at a campus-based college/university.

#04 What is a HNC?

A HNC is the vocational equivalent of the first year of a university degree course, and is a Level 4 qualification. It is worth 120 credits towards an Honours Degree, just like the first year of a university degree is worth 120 credits.

#05 What is a HND?

A HND is the vocational equivalent of the second year of a university degree course, and is a Level 5 qualification. It is worth a further 120 credits on top of the HNC credits, so in total it counts as 240 credits towards an Honours Degree (which is worth 360 credits).

#06 Can I achieve a HND without first achieving a HNC?

You can register immediately as a HND student, without having already achieved a HNC, but you would need to complete a block of units with credits totalling to 240+. The composition of those units must satisfy the requirements of both the HNC and the HND.

#07 Do you accept evidence for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?

Yes. Certain achievements of yours can be counted towards credits on our courses. Such decisions are made by our programme teams, within the Edexcel guidelines we must adhere to.

#08 Does age matter if I wish to start a course?

You need to be a minimum of 18 years of age to start a HNC or HND. Some of our best students are past retirement age.

#09 How many units do I need to complete and how are these chosen?

For a HNC you are required to complete 8 units (120 credits). For an engineering HND course you will need to achieve a further 7 units (a further 120 credits). The choice of optional modules is yours. We do not dictate your options to you, we simply provide guidance in regard to the optimal unit blend for your intended career path.

#10 Do I need internet access to complete the course?

To initially access all of the course learning and assessment resources you will need internet access. We have deliberately produced the online resources so that they may be stored on a pen drive or printed to paper. This allows you to study and learn without an internet connection. To upload your completed assignments you will, of course, require an internet connection.

#11 Are there any exams?

No. All courses are based on assignments. You submit your assignments when you have them ready. There are no tight deadlines for submission.

#12 Will I be provided with all the learning materials required to complete the course?

Yes, we have excellent in-house workbooks, tutorial videos, eBooks, and other learning resources, hosted on Moodle, our virtual learning platform. Certain engineering units will require you to access kit in your workplace. We also provide live online tutorials whenever you request them.

#13 When are my tutors available to support me. If I have more questions, who do I contact?

Tutor support is available to learners 8am-7.30pm, 7 days a week. You will be allocated a Personal Tutor, who can be contacted via phone or email, and will be happy to assist with any questions you have on your learning journey.

#14 When can I apply to enrol onto the course?

You can enrol any day of the year, and also start your course any day of the year.

#15 How much is the course, and are there payments plans?

Course fees and payment plans may be found on the individual course pages of our website.

#16 Once enrolled, do I receive an induction?

Yes, you are telephoned by your allocated Course Tutor and the discussion involves both the logistics of the course and your optimal blend of modules. You are also emailed comprehensive step-by-step guides to succeeding on your course. Your tutors are readily available to respond to your queries.

#17 How will I be able to balance working full time and undertaking a HNC/HND qualification?

An average of 10 hours’ study per week may finish a 120-credit course (such as a HNC) in 10 months or so. The course is completely flexible, allowing you to work around your commitments, and at a pace that suits you.

#18 Can I freeze my studies if my circumstances change?

Yes, you can have a few months’ study gap if you require. When you return you can simply carry on from the point where you left off.

#19 What can I achieve once I have obtained a HNC/HND qualification?

Many of our graduates move on to more senior roles within their companies. You may also progress to the advanced years of a university degree course.

#20 Is there an Information Pack for each course?

If you send us an information request then we will email you an Information Pack (PDF format).