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QCF (old framework) Sample Resources

Please browse through the sample resources below. Our registered students have access to the full suite of resources via the virtual learning platform.

Engineering Courses

HNC Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Prepare for Engineering Mathematics (UniCourse PDF eBook)

Unit 1: Analytical Methods for Engineers

Workbook 3 of 4 (Calculus)

Sinusoidal Differentiation (UniCourse video)

Unit 63: Electrical Power

Workbook 1 of 2 (Three Phase Systems)

The Mysterious Root 3 and 3-Phase Systems Analysis (UniCourse video)

Unit 71: Combinational and Sequential Logic

Workbook 2 of 3 (Sequential Logic)

Getting started with the MicroCap Simulator (UniCourse video)

HND Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Unit 5: Electrical and Electronic Principles

Workbook 4 of 4 (Transients in RLC Circuits)

Analyse and Simulate Transients (UniCourse video)

Unit 39: Electronics

Workbook 1 of 4 (Testing Semiconductor Devices and Circuits)

Unit 59: Advanced Mathematics for Engineering

Workbook 4 of 4 (Partial Differential Equations)

HNC/D Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Level 3 Formula Revision Crib Sheet

Workbook 3 of 4 (Statics)